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Creative Concrete Floor Coatings & Stains Services

Add more style and durability to your old concrete floors.

 We offer custom flakes, acid stain, grinding, polishing, and more.

The perfect floor starts with proper preparation

New Era Epoxy Flooring is changing up the game. Our elite epoxy company is bringing in new styles like METALLICS, GLITTER , and COLORFUL FLAKES!!!!! 

Improve the look and durability of your concrete floors with Epoxy. We have endless possibilities of color options and textures with our liquid epoxy floor coatings. Once your epoxy liquid coating is applied to your existing concrete floors it cures and creates a hard plastic coating that bonds with the concrete.  Epoxy flooring offers unparalleled durability, strength, and beauty.

What We Do

Why Choose Us

We help homeowners and facility owners update their space with durable, cost-effective epoxy floors. Our team is highly skilled at designing, preparing, and installing rugged flooring solutions that hold up under the heaviest weight and foot traffic. When you hire us for a job, we show up on time and ready to work with all the commercial-grade equipment we need to get the job done right. We never rush and we never cut corners on work quality or safety measures.  

New Era Epoxy Flooring will get you the look you want. From epoxy flake flooring to metallic epoxy floor coating, your options are endless. Want faux marble countertops? We can do that. Want to incorporate your branding and signature colors? We can do that, too! Just give us a call and we will show you why we’re the premier choice for epoxy flooring in Houston, and beyond!

Highest quality epoxy resin coating products expect your seamless epoxy floor to last a decade and protect the concrete underneath.

Customers always love our work and give us two thumbs up, want proof? You should check us out on Facebook and read our reviews!  

Easy to Communicate with and our jobs are done always on-time. If you have questions, we have answers so give us a call.

Written Estimates and Guaranteed Pricing and an experienced crew you can depend on.  

We proudly service homes and businesses around the Houston area, providing high-value epoxy flooring solutions. 

We offer impact and foot traffic resistant flooring products for commercial and industrial floors and automotive shops. 

Who we are


New Era Epoxy Flooring is changing up the Game in Concrete Floor Coverings.

Our company is bringing in fresh new styles like METALLICS, GLITTER, and FLAKES!!! We can customize your floors however you like and match any theme. For the perfect finish to your concrete floors give us a call!

New Era Epoxy Flooring provides high-quality interior and exterior concrete design for residential and commercial clients in East Texas and the surrounding areas. Our professionals have an artistic eye and an appreciation for their profession. We can help you improve the appearance of your home or business with our plethora of epoxy solutions.

This special floor coating withstands the daily abuse of heavy industrial equipment and chemical spills. Its high-gloss finish is ideal for clients who need clean work environments, and its unique “low-skid” surface helps prevent slip-and-fall injuries.

We help homeowners and facility owners update their space with cost-effective and durable epoxy flooring solutions. From epoxy flake flooring to metallic epoxy floor coating, your options are endless!

We Make Beautiful Floor Coverings

New Era Epoxy Flooring is changing up the game in concrete floor coverings. Nobody can match our quality and creativity. We have years of experience making old floors look better than new. Whether you need concrete repairs, grinding, and polishing or simply a new look to an old floor, we got you! 

These guys did a great job. They arrived as scheduled and finished right when they said they would. My garage looks great; so great that I am thinking of having them do my porch. I would definitely recommend them!

Barbara S

The Guys Where Great! The Experience Was Fun! An Professional. An I’m Getting Great Feed Back For My Floors, So Why Not Give Great Feedback To The Company Responsible For The Work. Thanks Guys.


6 months


New Era Epoxy Flooring is changing up the Game in Concrete Floor Coverings. Nobody can match our quality and creativity

Peel and Scratch Warranty

Warranty for Texture Retention

Fade Resistance Warranty

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